When I pressed my ears against the wind,
I listen to a beautiful song.
The one which chimes my heart,
Secludes me from the crowd,
Isolates my soul,
Eats me alive,
Leaves me blank,
And takes me up, gashing thro’ the sky.

Baby you should never stop your smile!!


The Happiest Moment In My Life

She saw me after a tortured course

… but there goes her joyful tears

She parts her blood just to feed me

… but she found a sheer pleasure

After all I just murmured my first word “Ma”

… and she was in seventh cloud

The first day I wore my uniform

… She jumped in joy as if I am a Scholar

She slept most of the time in hunger

… but she was glad I quenched my appetite

She never cared about her attire

… but she favored the gloss in my blazers

She left her first job just for me

… but was blissful when, I got employed

And here I am with my first salary…

Just spent a few bucks and brought her a saree

She never had words but her hugs and kisses

… were speaking love

The next moment she wore it…

And went around my colony

She was there door to door full of vigor and spirit

Proudly proclaiming that this is my son’s gift

I was there, watching things happening…

All these time I was pretty jealous

….that she had all the instance of happiness

But today I am more happier than she was..

Because that was not just a happiest moment in my life,

But it was the heavenly life I had in a moment!


A Girl like You, a guy doesn’t see everyday

You look fresh and beautiful to my heart day to day…

I am totally ignorant of what I want from You

But all I know is that I care for You…

Things really went wrong between You and me

But I promise that its not the whole of me…

I may not be the type who dwell Your dreams

But I want to be a knight for Your self-esteem…

I get butterflies in millions in your presence

May be it is because of You the flower essence…

Moments we had were not the best introduction

But I hope that ‘We’ don’t have a conclusion…